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  • Genuine Epson pigment inks provide bold,
    detailed, fade-resistant images.

  • Printed onto a 260gsm white pure canvas

  • Mounted to a 38mm thick solid pine frame.

  • Stapled and finished with professional
    canvas tape on the reverse for a tidy finish.

  • Packaged in a sturdy fitted box customised
    to accomodate our canvas frames.

Framed Canvas Prints

Design your canvas without hassle in just three easy-to-follow steps. In seconds, turn a digital photo into a premium quality framed canvas to brighten up any room. Email DNA Prints for any design assistance.

Step 1: Specifications

 Canvas Size        


Choose Your Edge Colour     


Step 2: Upload Photos


Step 3: Your Quote

Current Total: £15.95

Tips & Guidelines

Please use high resolution images and use originals when possible.

We accept the following file types: png, jpeg, jpg, gif, bmp, x-png, tiff.

Images must be maximum 10 megabytes.

Your image should resemble the following dimensions:
8x8         Flushed: 211mm x 211mm
                Full Wrap: 305mm x 305mm
10x10     Flushed: 262mm x 262mm
                Full Wrap: 356mm x 356mm
12x8       Flushed: 312mm x 211mm
                Full Wrap: 406mm x 305mm
12x12     Flushed: 312mm x 312mm
                Full Wrap: 406mm x 406mm
16x12     Flushed: 414mm x 312mm
                Full Wrap: 508mm x 406mm
16x16     Flushed: 414mm x 414mm
                Full Wrap: 508mm x 508mm
20x12     Flushed: 516mm x 312mm
                Full Wrap: 610mm x 406mm
20x16     Flushed: 516mm x 414mm
                Full Wrap: 610mm x 508mm
20x20     Flushed: 516mm x 516mm
                Full Wrap: 610mm x 610mm

Note: If you choose the Full Wrap option, the outer 2 inches of you image will be displayed
on the sides and back of the framed canvas. Keep text and images away from the edge!